Last Updated on October 4, 2023

Here you can find a list of video documentaries, television shows and high-definition videos focusing on sandboarding. None of these documentaries are either made nor associated in any way to and we did not receive any incentive to promote them – we just think they are cool and want to share them with you 🙂

Sandboarding on Dragon Hill

by InsightTV

Location: Cerro Dragón – Iquique (Chile)

Follow mountain bike legend, Brett Tippie, as he travels with local sandboarding world champion, Jose Martinez, and MTB star, Richie Schley, to ride the world’s biggest sand dune in the Chilean Atacama desert.

Watch Full Documentary at InsightTV

Departures S02E02 – Sandboarding in Libya

from The Departures Channel

Location: Sahara Desert (Lybia)

Departures is an award-winning and inspiring travel adventure series. From epic landscapes and unforgettable culture, to the often trying times that come with international travel, Departures chronicles the unforgettable friendships, personal successes and sometimes crushing disappointments that befall travellers Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach on their journey. Departures is as much about the journey as it is the destination.

While in the Sahara Desert, the guys have some fun on the flat sands with a truck, a rope and a… snowboard?

Watch Full Documentary on Netflix

Faces of Africa – Down Rise: A Sandboarder’s Dream

by CGTN Africa

Location: Swakopmund (Namibia)

Namibia is a mecca for sand boarding in Africa. Raymond a Namibian knows too well the joy the sand dunes bring to his township as well as the tourists. He’s the founder of Township Tours and Sand boarding training. The profits made goes to empower his township.

Watch on CGTN Africa

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