Last Updated on October 10, 2021

It will be hard to find a desert in the Caribbeans but you can still have fun riding the sand on some coastal dunes in the Dominican Republic. Sandboarding is practiced at the Dunas de Baní in the Peravia province, on the southern shore of the country. These dunes are relatively short as they reach a maximum height of 35 meters, but they are made of extremely fine sand.

Dunas de Bani

Dunas de Baní – Las Calderas

The dunes are located in the Las Calderas peninsula, between the cities of Matanzas, Las Calderas and Las Salinas. These beachside sand dunes extend for 15 km and are home to specific wildlife, but you can practice sand surfing away from vegetation. Make sure to bring good shoes, lightweight clothes and sunscreen.

Video: Dunas de Bani Sandboarding

North America Sandboarding Map

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