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Algeria is the largest country in Africa, and much of its territory is covered by the Sahara desert. There are countless massive sand dunes where sand surfing can be practiced, albeit in somewhat remote locations of Algeria.

Dune skiing in Algeria
Sand skiing near Djanet, Algeria. Photo courtesy of Olivier Lepetit.

Algeria Sand Dunes

Erg el Arma – Aïn Beïda, Ouargla

Dune field locally known as Erg-Bouslah, located near the town of Ouargla. The highest slopes are up to 220 metres tall. The Ouagla Sports Club occasionally organizes a sandboard festival, bringing hundreds of dune skiers to the site.

Erg d’Admer – Djanet

Vast field of sand dunes located south of Djanet and extends down to the Ténéré on the border with Niger.

Isaouane-n-Tifernine (Tifernine Dune Field) – Illizi

Isaouane-n-Tifernine is also known as Erg Tifernine, Isaouane-n-Tifernine, Tifernine Dunes. They are located near Illizi in the eastern part of the country, not too far from the border with Lybia.

Taghit Dunes – Taghit Oasis

Taghit is a desert oasis town 1.5 hours drive south from Béchar.

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