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Like the rest of South America, sand surfing sports are also exploding in popularity in Argentina, a wonderful country which incredible coastal dunes bordering the Atlantic Ocean.

In the region of Catamarca you can even slide on some of the tallest dunes of the entire world!

Dunes of Tatòn in Catamarca, Argentina
Dunes of Tatòn in Catamarca, Argentina. Photo courtesy of Sonia Concioni.

Sandboarding in Arroyo

Playa Piedras Coloradas – Las Grutas, Arroyo

Beach along the coast in the Rio Negro region, close to the city of Las Grutas.

Sandboarding is included in many day tour packages from Las Grutas, so you can make the most out of your trip. The following activities include sand surfing at Playa Piedras Coloradas:

Sandboarding in Buenos Aires

Médanos Blancos – Monte Hermoso, Buenos Aires

White sand dunes in the proximity of the town of Monte Hermoso, not too far from Necochea. The landscape is desertic despite the proximity to the sea, there are some areas with thick vegetation where sandboarding should be avoided.

Coordinates of the dunes

GD: lat: -38.987968, lng: -61.337013

DMS: lat: -38º 59′ 16.69”, lng: -61º 20′ 13.25”

Playa Mar de las Pampas – Villa Gesell, Buenos Aires

Small beach dunes in Mar de las Pampas beach. Ideal for beginner sandboarders and families with kids who can enjoy dune sledding here.

La Frontera – Pinamar, Buenos Aires

Possibly the best locations for sand boarding in the Buenos Aires province, La Frontera boasts steep dunes (up to 70 meters in height) with a very wide sliding surface. Recommended for experienced sandboarders looking for a more challenging ride.

Sandboarding in Catamarca

Duna Federico Kirbus, the tallest sand dune on Earth.
Duna Federico Kirbus, the tallest sand dune on Earth.

Dunas de Tatón Fiambalá – Tatón, Catamarca

From the city of Tinogasta you can easily reach Tatón, a small and friendly town in the Catamarca mountain range, the so-called “Bolson de Fiambalà” (bowl of Fiambalà), which hosts some of the tallest sand slopes of the world, including the Duna Federico Kirbus, the highest sand dune on Earth.

Duna Magicá – Saujil, Catamarca

From the square near the Municipality of Fiambalá (50 meters away), take Diego Carrizo de Frite street towards the north, that same street leaving the city is Route 36, continue along it until you reach the small town of Saujil.

Once you enter the town (a few blocks) you will find 2 signs with directions to the Magic Dune.

The first takes you to La Cruz, which is at the top of a hill, you can park the car there and walk up the top to the dune directly.

The other route will leave you a little closer to the dune but further away from La Cruz.

Sandboarding in Chubut

Punta Este Sand Dunes – Puerto Madryn, Chubut

Tiny sandhills located next to the beach in Punta Este, close to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. You can enjoy them as part of a day trip to Punta Loma and Cerro Avanzado:

Sandboarding in Jujuy

Cerro Huancar – Abra Pampa, Jujuy

Large sand formation at the feet of Puna Jujeña, a high mountain pass near the town of Abra Pampa. It is not very well known but this is an incredible spot for sandboarding with the finest sand.

Every year in January the Huancar Folk Festival also takes place at the foot of this sand dune, attracting thousands of tourists who enjoy art perfomances, food stalls, copleros and dance groups.

Sandboarding in San Juan

Médanos Grandes – San Juan Province

Vast dune area of 2000 km² located in the extreme south east of the San Juan province, in the middle of a region known as Cuyo. It’s getting more and more popular with sandboarders.

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