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Brazil is thought to be the place where modern sandboarding was invented, when impatient surfers near Florianópolis decided to stop waiting for big waves in the ocean and hit the dunes instead.

There are many great sand surfing spots which are popular amongst Brazilian dune surfers.

Brazilian Sandboarder

Santa Catarina

Praia da Joaquina – Florianópolis

Stunning beach near Florianópolis, home to some of Brazil’s most famous sand dunes. From the peak, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city as well as the Atlantic Ocean.

Recommended tours

Praia do Guarda Do Embaú – Pinheira 

Beautiful beach positioned between Florianópolis and Garopaba, with one big sandboarding slope and a small beach on the left side of the Guarda river. Surf, scenery, and people are all excellent.

Dama Branca Park – Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro

5km square area close to Forte São Matheus beach with small and medium dunes the highest one is about 100 feet. The city has a nice tourism structure and visitors are very welcome.

Sandboarding Mundaú, Brazil
Kids sandboarding near Mundaú, Ceará. Photo courtesy of Micaela Parente.

Rio Grande do Norte

Dunas de Genipabu – Extremoz

Dunes in the Natal region, near the province of Extremoz.

Praia de Pipa – Tibau do Sul

The Malembá Dunes are located in this beach close to Natal.


Coca Cola Lake – Salinópolis

Wonderful dunes surrounding a unique lake with see-through waters that appear to be brown (hence the name Coca Cola), near the province of Belem.

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