Last Updated on June 3, 2023

Greece does not have any true deserts, but it is possible to practice sandboarding on the island of Lemnos in the North Aegen region, near the coast of Turkey.

The Gomati Sand Dunes, located in an area that resembles a “mini desert”, are free of vegetation and therefore suitable for dune surfing, and one of the few sandboarding spots in Europe.

Sandboarding Gomati Sand Dunes - Lemnos, Greece
Sandboarding Gomati Sand Dunes – Lemnos, Greece

Sandboarding in Lemnos

Lemnos is a unique location where you can find desert-like sand dunes, known locally as “Ammothínes”, it is an area that feels like a desert in miniature surrounded by vegetation, covering about 7 hectares.

Many of the dunes are covered in vegetation and home to numerous families of rabbits and other animals, but sandboarding can be practiced on the dunes near Gomati beach, away of vegetation.

In 2016, the clothing company Aristoteli Bitsiani popularized sandboarding in Greece by carrying out a campaign filmed on the dunes of Lemnos:

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