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The surfer’s paradise of Hawaii has plenty to offer to beach lovers, including a few locations where you can enjoy sand dune sledding and skimboarding. Despite the fact that the islands were formed by volcanic activity, there are neither any true deserts nor any places suitable for volcano boarding in Hawaii.

That said, this state is home to an ancient form of volcano sledding still occasionally practiced by locals. As far as sandboarding goes, the only sand dunes you will find on the islands are rather small beach dunes, but that does not stop people from slide down for fun whenever the wind is too mild for surfing in the sea.

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Sandboarding in Hawaii: Green Sand Beach
Papakolea / Green Sand Beach. Photo courtesy of Elserbio00.

Papakolea Green Sand Beach – Ka Lae, Big Island

One of the most popular attractions in the Ka’u area of Big Island (the main settlement of Hawaii) is the so-called Green Sand Beach, which goes after the official name of Papakolea beach.

The beach is carved out of a 49.000-year-old cinder cone from the Mauna Loa volcano, which contains the green olivine crystals that give the beach its name. It has the steepest and best dunes for sandboarding in Hawaii.

Green Beach is only one of four places in the world where you can enjoy green-colored sand (the others being Talofofo Beach in Guam, Hornindalsvatnet in Norway, and Punta Cormorant on Floreana Island (Galapagos).

Makena Big Beach – Kihei, Maui

One of the most outstanding beaches in Maui, known informally as “Big Beach“, alternatively with the names of Makena Beach and Oneloa Beach. This beach stretches for more than a half-mile and is unusually wide by Maui standards.

 Sunset Beach – Pupukea, O’ahu

Sunset Beach Park is located in the land division of Paumalu. It does not have huge dunes but you can skimboard down the shore into the water.

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