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Much of the country of Kuwait is covered by the Arabian desert and while it does not have as many great dunes as nearby destinations like Saudi Arabia, the UAE or Qatar, you can still have some nice outdoors fun.

There are not many companies that offer sandboarding tours, so your best bet is to approach one and ask if they can arrange it for you.

There are plenty of companies offering “Kuwait desert” safaris just outside the city. If you live in Kuwait, you may consider purchasing your own board.

The best dunes for sandboarding are located mainly in the north of the country along the border with Iraq, in the Al-Huwamiliyah to Al-Nimriayn area and near Umm Niqqā.

Closer to Kuwait City you have the Al Liyah sand dunes and Shumayma dunes but these are not as good.

Desert Safari: The Complete Experience

A desert safari in Kuwait offers more than just sandboarding.

It’s a comprehensive package filled with exciting activities, comfortable accommodations, and delightful dinner treats.

The adventure begins at your hotel entrance in Kuwait City, where you’re picked up in a 4×4 vehicle and transported to the desert.

An expert guide is with you throughout the journey, providing detailed explanations about the desert and what to anticipate on the safari.

The first major highlight of the trip is camel riding. At the start of the journey, travelers are taken to a traditional camel farm where they can observe the camels up close.

Riding a camel into the desert is arguably the best way to spot wildlife and explore untouched desert locations.

After the camel ride, the next stop is the campsite, where a completely different experience awaits.

One of the most amazing aspects of desert safaris is the barbeque dinner served in the middle of the desert.

There’s also an onsite Shawarma station for your enjoyment, and you can watch the tanoura folk dance.

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Sandboarding in the Middle East

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