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The Lancelin Sand Dunes make for one of Australia’s hottest sand surfing destinations. There, you can glide down the tallest peaks in Western Australia, have fun riding the dunes with a four wheel, buggy or dirt bike, and hit the beach – all in the same day.

For a complete sand adventure, make sure to pay a visit to the nearby Pinnacles Desert and the Yanchep National Park where local wildlife can be observed. Lancelin is the most popular sandboarding spot in Western Australia.

Lancelin Sand Dunes
Lancelin Sand Dunes. Photo courtesy of CyclonicallyDeranged.

Sandboarding at Lancelin Sand Dunes

Lancelin offers stunning sand dunes with soft, fine white grains in close proximity to the city, where you can rent a sandboard, dune buggy, quad bike or 4wd.

The best time to go sand boarding in Lancelin is in the morning, when the wind is not too strong.

Some of the smaller dunes are suitable for beginners and children, while from the taller peaks you can enjoy great views of the town and the sea nearby – it’s worth to take your camera with you, just make sure to leave it in the car while you are sand surfing.

Price and opening hours

Entry to the dunes is free of charge and you can access them every day of the year between 8am to 7pm. You will want to get there early, so it’s best to reserve your sandboarding equipment online and collect it in the early morning (you can do so from 7am).

Sandboard rental

You can hire a sandboard online before your trip and collect it at directly at the site. Many guided tours and ATV rides also include sandboarding and provide equipment for free.

What to wear

These are beach dunes and as such you won’t need to cover up too much. Barefoot, shorts and t-shit is perfectly fine, just keep in mind that the area gets quite windy, especially in the afternoon. You can bring or rent sunglasses or, even better, get yourself some sandboarding goggles.

Other activities

Sand Duning

Quad Bike and Buggy Tours are especially popular and worth your time. You can rent a vehicle online and you’ll also get a hour of sandboarding included in the price.

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing

Lancelin has the ideal environmental conditions for windsurfing and there’s plenty of opportunities to enjoy this activity as either a pro or beginner. Windsurfers from all over the world travel to the town for Australia’s greatest annual windsurfing event, the Lancelin Ocean Classic.

Dining out

If you are a fan of seafood, you can’t miss out on eating out at a restaurant in Lancelin. The town is especially known for its lobster and crayfish cuisine. The Dunes Restaurant, Lobbster Trap Cafe and Endeavour Tavern are all worth a visit.

Getting to Lancelin

Lancelin is 127km north of Perth, reachable in approximately 1.5 hours by car. If you own an off-road vehicle, you can drive all the way to the dunes. If you are looking to experience all the area has to offer, your best option is to hop on a sandboarding tour that also includes visit to the Pinnacles and Wildlife Park:


The Pinnacles Desert in Western Australia
The Pinnacles Desert. Nambung National Park, Western Australia

The Pinnacles Desert

The Pinnacles are a unique natural wonder within the Nambung National Park. They consist of thousands of limestone formations in the desert – essentially the sand equivalent of stalagmites. They were derived from seashells thousands of years ago and can be up to four metres tall!

Pay a visit to the Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre to learn more about the geology of the area and its cultual and natural heritage. Within the Nambung National Park you can also find a few beaches where windsurfing, snorkelling, swimming and surfing can be practiced.

Yanchep National Park

Animal lovers must pay a visit to Yanchep National Park, where the two animal symbols of Australia can be seen in their natural habitat: Koalas and the Western Grey Kangaroo. It also hosts different species of native birds and local wildlife.

The park makes a great destination for hikers as it offers nine walk trails with different lengths and challenge levels (from 500m to 46.2km!). If that wasn’t enough, there are also more than 400 limestone caves to be explored in the park.

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