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Little Sahara is a dune system located on Kangaroo Island, in the Australian state of South Australia and part of the Vivonne Bay area. It consists of a naturally occurring sand dune system roughly covering two square kilometres which resembles a desert, hence the name “Little Sahara”.

The dunes vary in size with plenty of small dunes and the highest dune is approximately 70 metres above sea level. Little Sahara is one of the few sandboarding spots in the near proximity of Adelaide.

Little Sahara is one of twenty geological features on Kangaroo Island that have been listed as a geological monument by the Geological Society of Australia.

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Sandboarding Little Sahara Adventure Center on Kangaroo Island (Vivionne Bay, Australia)
Sandboarding at Little Sahara Adventure Centre. Photo courtesy of Christian Wittmann.

Sandboarding at Little Sahara Adventure Centre

Sandboarding and sand tobogganing are the two main attractions of the park and a must if you visit the island.

You can rent a sand toboggan online in advance at the price of A$47 for 2 hours. Alternatively, visitors can also rent a sand board or toboggan from several local merchants located in the town centre of Vivonne Bay.

Other activities

You can rent a dune buggy or electric dirt bike (“fat bike”) to ride across the dunes and explore the park. Guided walking tours of Kangaroo Islands are also popular and allow to spot local wildlife, particularly koalas.

How to get to Kangaroo Island

by air

Kangaroo Island is easily accessible from Adelaide, South Australia’s capital. By air it’s just a 30-minute flight from Adelaide Airport.

by car or ferry

SeaLink Kangaroo Island run four departures to Kangaroo Island from Cape Jervis each day with additional services during peak times. It’s a passenger and vehicle ferry allowing you to bring your own car to drive on the island. Each ferry ride lasts about 45 minutes.


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Little Sahara Sand Dunes - Kangaroo Island, Australia
Little Sahara desert. Photo Courtesy of Deborah Pickett.

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