Last Updated on June 3, 2023

Mongolia is home to the Gobi desert, one of the most stunning deserts in the world, which is also the main attraction luring tourists and adventure travellers to the country. It is however a cold desert which does not have a lot of sand, but there are a few exceptions.

The Khongoryn Els are especially important singing sand dunes where recreational desert activities such as sandboarding and camel riding can be practiced.

Khongoryn Els. Gobi Desert, Mongolia
Khongoryn Els. Gobi desert, Mongolia

Khongoryn Els Sand Dunes

The Khongoryn Els or Khongor Els sand dunes are the best spot for sandboarding in Mongolia and a hidden gem in the South Gobi desert. Some dunes are taller than 250 meters and the hike is difficult, but highly rewarding. It is a very popular tourist destination and can get quite crowded at sunset.

The dunes are also called Duut Mankhan or “singing dunes” because of the natural phenomenon known as booming sand which causes the blowing wind to generate sounds when shifting the sands.

Moltsog Els Sand Dunes

This long sand dune is situated in the northeast of Flaming Cliffs which is 55km from “Juulchin Gobi” tourist camp in Bulgan Soum, Umnugobi province.

These are not as popular as the Khongoryn Els, but if you decide to visit Moltsog Els you can still have a pleasant time and enjoy some camelback trekking. After that you can also make a quick visit to the Flaming Cliffs and Shiree Shavar.

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