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The Ica region of Peru has the most offering in terms of sandboarding opportunities, not to mention some of the straight-up best sand surfing destinations on the planet. Huacachina may be the most popular – perhaps overly saturated – spot, but the area surrounding Nazca is filled with even steeper and taller dunes that will make thrill-filled experiences.

Sandboarding at Cerro Blanco

Cerro Blanco is sometimes considered the tallest dune in the world – with an altitude of 2080 meters above sea level, but with a rocky base of approximately 1300 meters, it is as much a mountain as much as a dune. The slope you can glide on is “only” 780 meters tall, which is more than most other dunes you can find anywhere. It is one of the most popular sandboarding destinations in Peru, and also one of the most challenging, requiring a 3-hour hike to reach the top before sliding on a very steep slope.

Height: 780 meters / 2559 feet

Sandboarding in the Usaka Desert

Sandboarding tours of Nazca are best combined with some historical sightseeing. The Nazca Lines, the Pyramids of Cahuachi and tombs at Chauchilla Cemetery are all great tourist attractions right in the middle of the desert, so have your sandboard tag along. The dunes of Usaka are an impressive natural enclave in the Peruvian desert, ideal with sandboarding and with beginner-friendly slopes.

Sandboarding at Cerro Huaricangana

Another sandhill in the Nazca desert with slopes you can surf on. It may not be as huge as the Cerro Blanco, but Cerro Huaricangana plenty of fun to be had on very fine, white sand. The nearby San Fernando Bay also offer unique opportunities for sightseeing and a chance to spot local wildlife of both desert and sea.

Peru Sandboarding Map

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