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Nevada is home to some of the most wonderful sand dunes of the United States, such as the singing dunes of Sand Mountain and the huge dune field near Winnemucca.

Sand surfing and desert off-roading are both practiced across the country and especially popular in the area surrounding Las Vegas, where you can easily book a desert riding tour and experience nearby canyons.

While off-road vehicles are ubiquitous in Nevada, sandboards are a bit harder to find, but people have been bringing their own boards or even skis to slide down the dunes.

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Sand Mountain near Fallon, Nevada.
“Sand Mountain” singing dune near Fallon, NV.

Sandboarding in Nevada

Sand Mountain – Fallon

The Sand Mountain Recreation Area is a half hour drive away from the town of Fallon and it is reachable from highway 50 which has the unfortunate name of “loneliest road in America“.

The area is popular with both sandboarders and off-road vehicles. The Sand Mountain itself is a singing dune 600 feet (180 m) tall and there is a designated camping area right at its feet. Easily the best spot for sandboarding in Nevada!

In the video below, the Robinson twins show you how to sand-ski on the dune using a pair of regular cross-country skis.

If you bring your own equipment remember to use proper wax to make the ride smoother and protect your gear from sanding.

Video: Sand Skiing at Sand Mountain, Nevada

The Robinson Twins give the audience a brief introduction to the sport of sand skiing in the Sand Mountain Recreation Area, about 20 miles east of Fallon, Nevada

Recommended Tours

Nellis Dunes – Las Vegas

The Nellis Dunes are the closest dunes to Las Vegas, located about 15 miles northeast of it. The vast area is very popular with off-road vehicles, and camping is also allowed, although there are no facilities.

The terrain consists of beautiful sand dunes and canyon trails, although the dunes are relatively small, sandboarding can be practiced there.

Amargosa Sand Dunes – Las Vegas

The Amargosa Big Dune Recreation Area is suitable for sandboarding. Dunes that reach a height up to 500 feet, located about 100 miles from Las Vegas, this is the sandboarding location nearest to Las Vegas.

Amargosa Dunes are protected by the Nevada Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and access is public to all.

Desert Riding in Las Vegas

There are plenty of sand duning spots in and around Las Vegas, and you easily rent a dune buggy, ATV or quad from different tour operators. Nellis DunesHidden ValleyValley of Fire and El Dorado Canyon can all be reached off-roading from Las Vegas through the Mojave Desert.

There are several ATV rental companies around to choose from, but it’s better to book a desert riding tour online with the itinerary that suits you best.

So, if you’re looking for a break from the neon lights and slot machines, head out to the desert and get your off-road fix. Just don’t forget to pack sunscreen, water, and a sense of adventure.

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