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Oman is an authentic and wonderful country full of interesting places to visit, and sandboarding can be practiced on the magical dunes of the Omani desert.

The area known as Wahiba Sands or Sharqiya Sands, located in the Eastern Sand Desert, is like an ocean of regular dunes that seem to stretch to infinity.

This dune area is one of the most interesting attractions in the Sultanate of Oman and a favorite area for desert adventurers and extreme board sports enthusiasts.

Sandboarding at Wahiba Sands, Oman. Photo courtesy of Andries Oudshoorn.
Nomadic Desert Camp. Sharqiya Sands, Oman. Photo courtesy of Andries Oudshoorn.

The Wahiba Sands or Sharqiya Sands are located in the eastern region of the Sultanate, 190 kilometers away just three hours by car from Oman’s capital, Muscat.

The best way to reach the dunes is by off-road vehicle and it is best to book a desert safari tour with a local guide and driver.

If you have the option, do spend at least one night camping in the desert, or stay at one of the many facilities in one of the oases nearby.

There are many oases in this desert such as Al-Hawiya Oasis, the largest of the oases and contains many trees surrounded by expanses of sand dunes in a wonderful scene.

This oasis is considered a living example of beauty, where it embraces golden sands and trees, forming a green peninsula in a unique scene that distinguishes it from other oases in the Sultanate.

Al-Rakah Oasis is surrounded by sandy hills on three sides and forms a beautiful view next to Al-Hawiya Oasis.

The dunes at Sharqiya Sands are the best for sandboarding in Oman and worth a visit if you are looking for an autenthic desert experience in the Middle East.

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You can also sandboard at the Bousher Dunes which are located in the heart of Muscat.

The dunes are very easy to access and popular with off-roaders, especially on weekends.

It feels like a smaller, more crowded version of the Sharqiya sands but much closer to the city.

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Sandboarding in the Middle East

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