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Sandboarding is the signature sport of Oregon and there are plenty of opportunities to surf the dunes of the Oregon Coast. The city of Florence with its Sand Master Park may be the most famous sandboarding location in the US, but the state has a lot more to offer to sandboarders.

You can find some great slopes to ride in the small village of Pacific City and the area surrounding it in Northern Oregon.

Sandboarding in Oregon: Cape Kiwanda Sand Dune near Pacific City
Sand dune in Cape Kiwanda, Northern Oregon. Photo courtesy of Josh Baumgartner.

Sandboarding near Pacific City

The Giant Sand Dune at Cape Kiwanda

The stunning peninsula of Cape Kiwanda hosts a 240 feet high sand dune, located within the Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area. Cape Kiwanda is the nearest sandboarding spot to Pacific City and has the steepest dunes you can find!

The giant sand dune is very popular with runners and climbers who like a challenge, but there’s plenty of room for you to grab a sandboard or sled and sledge downhill.

Sandboard Rentals

You can rent your sand board from the Cape Kiwanda RV Resort Marketplace, open every day from 9 am to 8 pm.

Oceanside Beach State Recreation Site – Tillamook, OR

Small coastal dunes in a beach at the center of the community of Oceanside. Can get very crowded with surfers and kiters during the summer.

Nehalem Bay – Manzanita, OR

The coastal area surrounding Manzanita offers many beaches with small dunes for sledding. The area stretching into Nehalem Bay State Park has taller dunes (up to 30ft) although partly covered in grass. Sandboarding is only allowed away from vegetation.

USA Sandboarding Map

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