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The Dunes of San Cosme and Damián are one of those paradisiacal places that you can only find in Paraguay. Many years ago, they were simply dunes on top of a hill on the Paraná, but with the rise of the river due to the reservoir of the Yacyretá Dam, these have started forming an isolated island of white sands, nestled in the middle of the water.

To reach the dunes, you need to arrange for transport via boat or ferry. Keep in mind to carry bags for your waste, sunscreen, equipment for shade and to sit, since they are deserted islands in the middle of nowhere, but precisely that isolation gives it the paradisiacal touch and tranquility, making its beaches with crystal clear waters are the most envied in the country.

Unfortunately, the dunes are at risk of disappearance due to the rising levels of the water of the Paraná River.

Dunas de San Cosme y Damián
San Cosme and Damián dunes, surrounded by the Paraná River.

Sandboarding at San Cosme and Damián dunes – Itapúa Department

The dunes are located in the middle of the Paraná River which divides Paraguay and Argentina. To reach the dunes you have to arrange for a speedboat trip from the “Prefectura Naval” pier in San Cosme and Damián. The journey takes 45 to 60 minutes one way.

The San Cosme and Damián Dunes are a natural attraction located in San Cosme y Damián, in the Itapúa Department of Paraguay. These dunes are situated in the middle of the Paraná River, which forms the border between Paraguay and Argentina. They are known for their scenic beauty and the opportunity to engage in sandboarding.

To visit the San Cosme and Damián Dunes, you can arrange a speedboat trip from the “Prefectura Naval” pier in San Cosme and Damián. The journey typically takes around 45 to 60 minutes one way. It is advisable to organize the boat trip in advance.

San Cosme y Damián itself is a district located in the southern part of the Itapúa Department. With a population of approximately 10,454 inhabitants, it is situated on the banks of the Paraná River. The district is notable for housing the architectural remains of the most important Jesuit Reductions in Paraguay. These reductions are historically significant and showcase the legacy of the Jesuit missions in the region.

The San Cosme and Damián Dunes offer a unique natural landscape for exploration. Visitors can engage in sandboarding, which involves sliding down the sandy slopes on a board. It is a thrilling activity that attracts adventurous travelers.

The dunes are relatively remote and require a boat trip to reach. Visitors often take a small boat for about an hour to reach the dunes and then return via the same route. It is advisable to check the details and arrangements for the boat trip.

The San Cosme and Damián Dunes have gained recognition for their natural beauty and recreational opportunities. They are an exceptional attraction in the region, allowing visitors to enjoy the scenic dunes and engage in sandboarding activities.

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