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Queensland has plenty of opportunities for beach and desert lovers alike, and some of the best sandboarding spots of Australia are located here. The Tangalooma desert in Moreton Island is a popular tourist destination with “desert safari tours” and sandboarding, but you can also hit the Big Red dunes of the Simpson Desert near Birdsville. More of a beach person? Head to Rainbow Beach or Fraser Island where you can surf the sand on large cliffs while enjoying spectacular views of the sea.

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Moreton Island Dunes

Tangalooma Desert – Moreton Island

The stunning sand island of Moreton is a flourishing Australian sandboarding destination near Brisbane in Queensland. The island is home to Tangalooma Desert, simply known as “The Desert”, a truly unique place with dunes entirely surrounded by vegetation, where you can hop on a “desert safari tour” which includes sandboarding.

Sandboarding Tours in Moreton Island

Carlo Sandblow, Rainbow Beach

Carlo Sand Blow – Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach is a tiny village and subtropical surfer’s paradise on the Great Beach Drive in Gympie Area. The nearby Carlo Sand Blow is a huge sand park with cliffside views and large dunes where you can have fun with your sandboard and toboggans. Fraser Island is also easily reachable from Rainbow Beach.

Kirrar Sand Blow – Fraser Island

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Fraser Island is one of Queensland’s most popular attractions for beach lovers and it’s no surprise that this incredible location – which is also the largest sand island in the entire world – is also a hotspot for sandboarding and dune sports. The best spot is known as Kirrar Sand Blow but it can be difficult to locate, so make sure to ask around.

Camels near Birdsville

Big Red – Birdsville, Diamantine Area

Famous dunes around 40 metres tall located 35 km outside of Birdsville and the door to Australia’s Simpson Desert. You will most likely need a 4×4 to reach the Big Red dune, make sure to bring your own sandboarding equipment, or join an adventure tour to get the most out of your Australian outback experience.

Sandboards for Sale in Australia

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Australia Sandboarding Map

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