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Sandboarding is one of the trendiest sports in many regions across Central and South America, where you can enjoy riding on some of the tallest sand dunes in the world.

The sport is especially popular in Peru, where you can find some great peaks and world-famous sand surfing hotspots, but Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Bolivia all have plenty of sand boarding and sand sledding opportunities to offer.

Want to give volcano boarding a try? Look no further than the Cerro Negro volcano in Nicaragua, or the Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala. Sandboarding in Central and South America takes the thrill to brand new levels!

Sandboarding in Argentina

  • Playa Piedras Coloradas – Las Grutas, Arroyo
  • Médanos Blancos – Monte Hermoso, Buenos Aires
  • Playa Mar de las Pampas – Villa Gesell, Buenos Aires
  • La Frontera – Pinamar, Buenos Aires
  • Dunas de Tatón Fiambalá – Tatón, Catamarca
  • Duna Magicá – Saujil, Catamarca
  • Punta Este Sand Dunes – Puerto Madryn, Chubut
  • Cerro Huancar – Abra Pampa, Jujuy
  • Médanos Grandes – San Juan Province

Sandboarding in Bolivia

  • Lomas de Arena – Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Santa Cruz

Sandboarding in Brazil

  • Dunas de Genipabu – Extremoz, Rio Grande do Norte
  • Praia de Pipa – Tibau do Sul, Rio Grande do Norte
  • Coca Cola Lake – Salinópolis, State of Pará
  • Praia da Joaquina – Florianópolis, Santa Catarina

Sandboarding in Chile

  • Cerro Dragón – Iquique
  • Dunas de Concón – Viña del Mar
  • Death Valley – San Pedro de Atacama

Sandboarding in Colombia

  • Las Dunas del Taroa – La Guajira

Sandboarding in Ecuador

  • Palmira Desert

Sandboarding in Guatemala

  • Pacaya Volcano – Antigua

Sandboarding in Nicaragua

  • Cerro Negro Volcano – Léon

Sandboarding in Paraguay

  • Dunas de San Cosme y Damián

Sandboarding in Peru

Lima region

  • Dunas de Asia
  • Dunas the Chilca

Ica and Nazca region

Pisco and Paracas region

  • Pampa de Ocas – Pisco Desert
  • Laguna de Morón – Pisco Desert

Trujillo region

  • Conache Sand Dunes
  • Las Dunas Cañoncillo, Pacasmayo
  • Dunas de Laramie – Chao, Virú

Chimbote region

  • Duna Huamanchacate / Duna Terror – Coishco
  • Cerro Manchan – Casma

Arequipa region

  • White Sand Dunes – Pampas De La Joya
  • Duna Toro Mata – Acarí
  • Cerro de las Minas – Acarí

Sandboarding in Uruguay

  • Dunas de Cabo Polonio – La Paloma
  • Dunas de Valizas – La Paloma
  • Bajada 6 – Montevideo
  • Lomas de Solymar – Ciudad de la Costa
  • Las Vegas / Parque del Plata – El Pinar
  • Chihuahua Beach – Maldonado
  • Punta Colorada – Maldonado
  • Barra de Valizas – Rocha
  • Santa Teresa’s Park – Rocha

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