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You can grab your sandboard or toboggan and slide down sand dunes in Strahan, Tasmania. A vast expanse of sand in the west of the island is formed by a series of giant dunes that stretches several kilometres inland and 15 kilometres along the coast. The Henty Sand Dunes, which reach a height of about 30 metres, are a desert nestled among the rainforests of Tasmania’s west coast.

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Henty Dunes, Strahan, Tasmania.

Henty Dunes – Strahan

The Henty Dunes, which rise from the western Tasmanian coast like smooth, shapeshifting mountains, are natural wonders on the outskirts of Strahan. When you sandboard down the dunes, feel the rush of wind in your ears. The largest sand dunes, which are tall and majestic, will produce heart-pounding runs as you slide toward the shoreline. Ocean Beach, Tasmania’s longest beach, is a 1.5-hour return walk through the dunes from the nearby picnic area.

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