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You can sandboard in Texas on the dunes located at the eastern edge of the Chihuahuan Desert, the largest and most exciting desert in North America, spanning between the US and Mexico.

The Monahans Sandhills State Park is home to a recreational dune field area where sandboarding, sand sledding and sand football are practiced.

There are two additional groups of sand dunes in Texas, the Kermit Sand Hills and Salt Basin Dunes, unfortunatley in these locations sand surfing used to be allowed to the public, but not anymore.

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Monahans Sand Dunes sandboarding
Sandboarding at Monahans Sand Dunes, Texas. Photo courtesy of Josh Spencer.

Sand Dunes in Texas

Sandboarding at Monahans Sandhills State Park

The Monahans Sandhills State Park is a desert-like semi-arid area close to the town of Monahans in west Texas. While technically not a desert, it has sand dunes up to 70 feet high that are perfect for sand surfing and tobogganing.

Sand boards, sand disks and sand toboggans can be rented directly at the park, and you can also reserve a campsite with water and electricity. Access to the park will cost you 4$ per day (children under 12 enter for free).

Monahans Sandhills Sand Surfing
Monahans Sandhills, Texas. Photo courtesy of Jason Priem.

Kermit Sand HillsClosed to the public

For years the sand hills around the city of Kermit have been a popular spot for off-road sand duning, dune surfing and camping.

In 2016, the park was closed to the public after being sold to a private company. It is now used for fracking and sand mining.

Salt Basin Dunes at Guadalupe Mountains National ParkSandboarding no longer allowed

Another State Park of the Chihuahuan Desert, situated on the border with New Mexico and famous for its stunning White Sand Dunes.

The sand takes it color from a mineral called gypsum, and forms a unique environment for both wildlife and vegetation.

Because of the presence of vegetation, sandboarding cannot be practiced on the Salt Basin; thankfully, this area extends to the more sandsport-friendly White Sand Dunes National Park in New Mexico which can easily be reached from Texas.

White Sands sledding and surfing down gypsum sand fields is a unique experience you cannot miss out on.

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