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Tunisia is covered by 40.000 square kilometers of sand desert, a large part of the eastern Great Erg sand sea, which offers the most beautiful views of wind-sculpted dunes.

Sandboarding is an increasingly popular activity on the dunes, which are also famous for being the main site used for shooting many scenes of the Star Wars saga (specifically those set in the planet of Tatooine, which appears in almost all the movies).

Whether you are a fan or just looking for an authentic sand surfing experience in the Sahara, Tunisia is worth a visit.

Sandboarding in Tunisia: Grand Erg Oriental
Grand Erg Oriental, Tunisia. Photo courtesy of Jerzystrzelecki.

Douz Sand Dunes – Douz

Douz is a small settlement in known as the “gateway to the Sahara“. To its south you will find a sea of sand dunes and Tunisia’s largest national park, the Jebil National Park.

For the ultimate Saharan desert experience and a taste of Bedouin life, it’s worth spending a night camping there under the stars, and enjoying sandboarding on the golden sand dunes.

Tozeur Sand Dunes – Tozeur

Tozeur is a pretty desert oasis filled with palm trees, located near the border with Algeria and the Sahara desert. The dunes around it are particularly popular for sand duning.

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