Last Updated on December 17, 2023

A country divided between the two continents of Europe and Asia, Turkey is an incredible travel destination with a lot to offer – including sandboarding.

There are many incredible beaches filled with dunes, and you can practice sand surfing on some of them.

The best sandboarding dunes are located at Patara beach, near the cities of Antalya and the village of Gelemiş, Kaş.

Sandboarding in Turkey: Patara Beach Dunes
Sand Dunes at Patara Beach, Turkey. Photo courtesy of William Neuheisel.

Patara Beach – Gelemiş, Kaş

Patara beach, located on the Turquoise Coast (or Turkish Riviera) offers a stunning coastal landscape surrounded by ancient ruins.

This is also the longest beach in Turkey and a national park, with a small entrance fee. There is a little cafe on the beach with changing rooms, showers and toilets.

Sandboarding at Patara Beach

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