Last Updated on August 11, 2022

There are plenty of opportunities for fans of sandboarding in Uruguay, mostly located around the coast.

The best dunes are located in La Paloma in Cabo Polonio, although there are plenty of smaller beach dunes that you can hit near major cities in Canelones and Maldonado.

Montevideo does not have very steep dunes but you can find some small slopes near exit 6. Alternatively, head to the nearby Lomas de Solymar and El Pinar beaches for some thrilling rides.

Sandboarding in Uruguay - Lomas de Solymar, Canelones

Sandboarding in La Paloma

Dunas de Cabo Polonio

Dunas de Valiza

Sandboarding in Canelones

Bajada 6 – Montevideo

Lomas de Solymar – Ciudad de la Costa

Las Vegas Beach / Parque del Plata – El Pinar

Sandboarding in Maldonado

Chihuahua Beach

Punta Colorada

Sandboarding in Rocha

Barra de Valizas

Santa Teresa’s Park

South America Sandboarding Map

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