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Italy is one of the most incredible countries in Europe, and while it does not have any deserts, it is still possible to enjoy sandboarding in a few selected locations. The beaches of southern Sardinia are known to be the main sand surfing spot in Italy, but there are also people who have successfully managed to sandboard down active volcanoes in Sicily!

Port Pino Sand Dunes

Porto Pino Sand Dunes – Teulada, Sardinia

A lovely coastal stretch known as Porto Pino or Is Arena Bianca is the only known sandboarding spot in Italy. It is located in the island of Sardinia, within the territory of Teulada and not too far away from the main city in the region, Cagliari. There is a 4km long area where you can find a variety of white sand dunes of modest height. There are also many beach locations nearby which resemble tropical islands, almost as if you were in the Caribbeans. The nearest town is called Sant’Anna Arresi, there you can find restaurants, bars, stores etc.

Mount Etna – Catania, Sicily

Mt. Etna is the largest active volcano in Europe is located in the wonderful island of Sicily in Southern Italy. Skiing on Mt. Etna when it is covered in snow during the winter months is nothing new, but it’s only recently that people have started bringing their own sandboards to enjoy some thrilling volcanoboarding on it’s black lavic slopes. Keep in mind that there is no dedicated sport facility for sandboarding, which means you will have to go independently. For experts only!

Video: Sandboarding on Mt. Etna

Stromboli Volcano – Stromboli Island, Sicily

Another Sicilian volcano, located in the Aeolian Island of the same name famous for its black lava beaches. There have been some successful attempts by amateurs to sandboard in Stromboli. As for Mount Etna, there are no official tours taking you to Stromboli and it is not reccommended to go there unless you know what you are doing.

Europe Sandboarding Map

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