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Sandboarding has gained much popularity in New South Wales, especially across the sand dunes of Port Stephens in Stockton Beach where sand surfing has become a sought after tourist attraction. But there are plenty of other locations where sand boarding and sledding can be enjoyed across the region.

Sandboarding in Stockton Beach, Port Stephens, Australia

Sand Dunes of NSW

Pebbly Beach 

Pebbly Beach is on the Central Coast, NSW, Australia and is north of Soldiers Beach and south of Norah Head. Pebbly beach pretty much just consists of one very steep, very high sand dune. This is a popular sandboarding spot, mostly with people who have homemade sandboards, bodyboards, cardboards and even “for sales” signs and similar! If you’re looking to do some tobogganing then this is the perfect dune, Only problem is that the sand is soft, so it’s a hard walk back up, once you’ve made it to the bottom. There also isn’t a whole heap of variety if you’re looking at doing standup sandboaring.

North Entrance Beach

North Entrance is on the Central Coast, NSW, Australia and is across th bridge the Entrance of Lake Tuggerah. The dunes are all fairly small but have a good variety in them, so there are the real steep ones, the nice curvy ones and of course plenty of jumps. Also being small means you don’t have to walk to far to get back up to the top of the dune. The northern dunes area is fairly deserted which means you generally have the whole place to yourself.

Stockton Beach, Port Stephens 

Stockton Beach is a huge sand area stretching from the north of Newcastle to Anna Bay. This is one of the best spots in Australia for sandboarding, with plenty of massive sands dunes. Some of them are reachable on foot from the beach, but it’s worth to hop on a sand duning tour to reach the taller and larger dunes that are only reachable by 4wd.

Sandboarding in Port Stephens

Sandboards for Sale in Australia

Anubis Sandboard Stand UpAnubis Sandboard Stand UpAnubis Sandboard Stand Up
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Australia Sandboarding Map

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