Last Updated on January 31, 2023

The sand dunes at Pismo Beach, on the central coast of California, are a popular destination for recreational activities such as sandboarding and off-road driving.

There are two popular sandboarding spots near Pismo Beach: the Oceano Dunes and Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes, both resembling a desert despite being located right on the coast of Southern California. These are without doubt the best dunes for sandboarding in SoCal.

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Sand boarding SoCal Pismo Beach / Oceano dunes
Oceano Sand Dunes. Photo courtesy of Kyle Cottrell.

Oceano Dunes – Pismo Beach

With 1,500 acres of dunes, the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area is very well known as a paradise for dune riders, and especially popular with off road vehicles.

The coastal sand dunes are some of the most extensive in Southern California, they are surrounded by the town of Oceano on one side, and the actual ocean on the other, yet due to their size you sometimes get the impression that you are in the desert. 

Sandboarding is allowed on the dunes and many families with kids bring their own sleds and saucers and have fun sliding downhill.

Guadalupe Sand Dunes – Guadalupe

Just south of the Oceano dunes, another large stretch of dunes near the towns of Guadalupe and Nipomo.

The Guadalupe-Nipomo dunes are far less crowded and quieter than the ones in Pismo Beach. A true hidden gem for sandboarders!

Video: Insane Sand Skating at Guadalupe – Nipomo Sand Dunes

Sandboard Rentals

While you easily can rent a dune buggy or offroad vehicle in both Oceano and Pismo Beach (and recommended doing so, unless you enjoy hiking uphill), we are not aware of any sandboard rental in the area.

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