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There are a few opportunities for sandboarding on desert-like sand dunes and sand hills in South Australia. With the increasing popularity of sandboarding as a sport, National Parks across the region have started designating selected areas where sandboarding can be practiced away from vegetation. Currently, the most popular sand surfing destination in Southern Australia is Little Sahara in Kangaroo Island, near Adelaide.

Yanerbie Sandhill – Streaky Bay

Stunning white sand dunes in the Streaky Bay area. You can either walk or ride to the dunes on a 4×4 vehicle.

Little Sahara – Kangaroo Island

Little Sahara is a dune system located on Kangaroo Island in Vivonne Bay. It is a naturally occurring, desert-like sand dune system roughly covering two square kilometres. Sandboarding and sand tobogganing are the two main attractions of the park and a must if you visit the island, and this is the place to go for sandboarding near Adelaide. You can rent a sand toboggan online in advance.

Sandboarding Tours in Kangaroo Island

Lincoln National Park – Eyre Peninsula

Natural reserve overlooking Boston Bay, the largest natural harbour in all of Australia. Offers spectacular ocean views of sheltered bays and offshore islands.

Coffin Bay National Park – Eyre Peninsula

Protected natural area in Eyre peninsulaoffering a remote coastal scenery with bays and sand dunes.

Fowlers Bay Conservation Park – Fowlers Bay

Hidden gem located on the western side of Eyre peninsula. Famous for its wildlife, it offers endless sand dunes with designated areas for sandboarding.

Sandboards for Sale in Australia

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Australia Sandboarding Map

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