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If you want to get your hands on your very own sand sled, we have a few recommendations. The most important thing to consider when you buy a sandsled is the location you are planning to use it: this will determine whether you need a professional hardwood sand sled for desert sand dunes, or a less sophisticated plastic / metal toboggan for beach sand dunes.

Here are our recommendations as of :

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Sand Sleds and Toboggans

Sand Sleds for Desert Sand Dunes

Sand sleds for desert dunes are made of the same type of hardwood and laminate combination used to create sandboards (for standing). They need to be used together with sandboard wax in order to make them slippery enough to slide. These are the types of sleds you will be able to rent in most sandboarding facilities such as the white sands and sand master park.

Venomous Sandboards
Adult Sand Sled
Venomous Sandboards
Youth Sand Sled

Sand Dune Sled

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Toboggans for Beach Sand Dunes

If you are on smaller beach dunes or artificial sand hills (such as those for winter sand sledding in LA), then a plastic toboggan sled is usually enough to enjoy a smooth ride. These boards are usually manufactured with snow in mind but are suitable for sand (although they may require thorough waxing).

Slippery Racer
Downhill Falcon
Foam Toboggan
oam Sled
Flexible Flyer
Snow Screamer
2-Person Snow Sled
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Disc Saucers for Sand Dunes

Disc saucers are especially fun for small children, who can sit and maneuver them while gliding on sand dunes. Foam plastic saucers with the aid of sandboard wax will perform greatly on sand, but some manufacturers have started making steel saucers especially crafted for sand sledding.

Slippery Racer
Downhill Zeus
Foam Saucer
Foam Disc Saucer
Flexible Flyer
Steel Sand Slider
Slippery Racer Downhill Zeus Adults and Kids Foam Saucer Disc 1 Rider Snow Sled with Handles, Midnight HologramAIRHEAD CYBER RYDER Foam Disc, 23"Flexible Flyer Metal Snow Disc Saucer Sled. Steel Sand Slider

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What do you need for sand sledding


  • A sand sled, toboggan or saucer
  • Sandboard wax
  • Sunscreen
  • Lots of water

Sandboard wax for sale

Stuntstick Ultimate Sandboard WaxSlip Face Honey Beeswax Sand WaxDr Dune Wax

Depending on location:

How to use a sand sled

  • Once you have your sandboarding gear ready, it’s time to head to the dune.
  • Walk uphill until you find a nice sliding position, ideally a steep dune with dry, thin sand and no obstructions.
  • Place your board back-up on the ground so you can wax it thoroughly.
  • Apply sandboard wax to the base of your board until it is no longer sticky, make sure that the surface of your board is slippery enough that no sand granules attach to it.
  • Flip your board back-up and position yourself either lying down on your belly or sitting (some sleds can accommodate up to two people).
  • Use your arms to push yourself down the edge of the dune.
  • Try to keep your weight centered on the board as you slide, and enjoy the ride!

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