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There’s a little known destination in Phillip Island which is locally known as “Spew Hill”, a massive sand dune on the back beaches of Cape Woolamai. Its official name, Norman Hill, is seldom used by locals.

Phillip Island is a small island located south of Melbourne, Australia. It is known for its beautiful beaches, surf spots, and wildlife, and is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

The island is home to several small towns and villages, including Cowes, Cape Woolamai, and San Remo, and is easily accessible by car or ferry from the mainland.

Norman Hill a.k.a. Spew Hill
Norman Hill a.k.a. Spew Hill

Cape Woolamai’s Hidden Beaches

Cape Woolamai is well-known for its back beaches and home to some of the most impressive sand dunes on Phillip Island.

These dunes, constantly shaped by strong winds, tower over the beach and create a dramatic backdrop for the ocean.

The beach at Cape Woolamai is a long stretch of sandy shoreline, and there is plenty of room for surfers to spread out and find their own spot in the lineup.

The waves are known for their powerful and challenging breaks, and are suitable for experienced surfers.

The beach is exposed to the open ocean, and can produce some large and hollow waves when the conditions are right.

The waves at Cape Woolamai break over a rocky bottom and can be quite powerful, making for some exciting rides.

Off-road drivers and sandboarders often visit these dunes for the unique and thrilling experience they provide.

To reach the sand dunes at Cape Woolamai, follow the signs to the beach and park in the designated car park. From there, you can walk or take an off-road vehicle to explore the area.

Sandboarding and Sand toboganning on Spew Hill (Norman Hill) Phillip Island
People Sandboarding and Sand Toboganning on Spew Hill. Source: Google Maps.

Sandboarding on Spew Hill

Despite being a coastal dune, Spew Hill is a hidden gem for sandboarding and sand toboganning.

The sand is firm and stable, and the dunes provide a challenging and exciting terrain for both sports.

These dunes are best accessed at low tide, when the beach is exposed and the sand is firm.

The climb up the dune can be very steep, but that only makes the ride downhill more thrilling, people of all age enjoy sliding down the dune on sandboards, skimboards and toboggans, and the ride will usually start on sand and end on water.

Overall, the large dunes of the back beaches of Cape Woolamai are a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Phillip Island.

They offer a unique and exciting experience, and are a hidden gem for sandboarding and surfing in Australia.

Whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner, the dunes at Cape Woolamai are sure to provide a memorable and thrilling adventure.

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