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Malibu is home to two major sand dune areas: Sandy Dune and Zuma Beach Sand Dunes.

Both of these dunes are popular destinations for sandboarding, планинарење, and off-road vehicles.

Sandy Dune (Поинт Мугу Пешчане дине)

Sandy Dune (Пешчане дине Поинт Мугу)
Sandy Dune (Пешчане дине Поинт Мугу)

Sandy Dune is the most well-known sand dune in Malibu. It is located on the east end of Thornhill Broome Beach and offers stunning views of the Malibu coastline.

The dune is a great place to go hiking or sandboarding, and the views from the top are amazing.

The dune is about 100 feet tall and is made up of soft, powdery sand.

Point Mugu is a popular spot for people looking for a good workout, hikers, photographers, and sandboarders alike.

The hike to the top of the dune is a bit challenging, but the views are worth it.

Once you reach the top, you can enjoy stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, the Malibu Mountains, and the Santa Monica Mountains.

Sandy Dune Workout

If you’re looking for a thrilling workout, Sandy Dune is the perfect place for you. 

Located off the Pacific Coast Highway in sunny California, ово 300- to 400-yard uphill sand dune offers inclines of 25 до 35 degrees and is sure to make you break a sweat.

This workout routine provides a mix of cardio and strength training, making it a comprehensive workout. 

The beautiful scenery adds to the appeal, and the soft sand provides less impact on the knees, improving stride length and overall power.

Што се тиче сандбоардинг is concerned, the sand is soft and easy to slide on, and the slopes are challenging but not too steep.

There are no sandboard rentals available at the dune, so you must bring your own.

Zuma Beach Sand Dunes

Зума Беацх, Малибу
Зума Беацх, Малибу

The Zuma Beach Sand Dunes are located at Zuma Beach and are a great place to go sand sledding near LA in the winter months.

The dunes are not as tall as the Sandy Dune, but they are still a lot of fun to ride.

The Zuma Beach Sand Dunes are formed by sand berms that are erected each year after Thanksgiving to protect the beach from winter storms and floods.

These berms create large, steep dunes that are perfect for sandboarding.

The Zuma Beach Sand Dunes are a popular spot for both experienced and beginner sandboarders.

The dunes are not as challenging as the Sandy Dune, so they are a great place to learn how to sandboard and especially popular with kids.

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