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Тхе Острво Фрејзер, УНЕСЦО-ова светска баштина, једна је од најпопуларнијих атракција Квинсленда за љубитеље плажа and it’s no surprise that this incredible location – which is also the largest sand island in the entire world – is also a hotspot for sandboarding and dune sports.

Постоје различите дине погодне за санд боардинг на острву Фрасер, посебно у областима близу плаже Орхидеја, Санди Цапе и Вадди Поинт.

Као део програма Амазон Ассоциате и еБаи партнерске мреже, зарађујемо од квалификованих куповина.

Сандбоардинг у Квинсленду
Сандбоардинг на острву Фрасер, Куеенсланд

Орцхид Беацх

Wonderful area with pristine beaches and stunning coastline in Fraser Island. A bit isolated but with great pubs and accommodation options.

Санди Цапе

Camp in the furthermost tip of Fraser Island with limited access via car. Plenty of vegetation with unique wildlife of loggerheads and green turtles, but sandboarding can be practiced on the dunes.

Вадди Поинт

One of the most easily accessible campsites in the island, with a beach for swimming, shop for basic necessities and lots of hiking spots with great views.

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Геттинг Тхере

Fraser Island is located off the eastern coast of Australia. The largest major city near Fraser Island is Brisbane, which is located approximately 300 километара (186 миља) to the south.
To reach Fraser Island from Brisbane, you have a few options:

  • By Air: The nearest airport to Fraser Island is Hervey Bay Airport, which is approximately 2 hours drive from the island. Из Бризбејна, you can fly to Hervey Bay, and then rent a car or take a shuttle bus to the island.
  • By Bus: There are several bus companies that offer direct services from Brisbane to Hervey Bay, with transfers to Fraser Island. This option is a convenient and budget-friendly way to reach the island.
  • Колима: If you prefer to drive, you can rent a car in Brisbane and make the approximately 3-hour drive to Hervey Bay. Одатле, you can take a ferry to Fraser Island.

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