Great Kobuk Sand Dunes Are Alaska’s Hidden Sandy Desert

Explore the Great Kobuk Sand Dunes in Alaska's Kobuk Valley National Park. These towering dunes, formed by ancient glaciers, offer a unique and otherworldly experience with soaring heights and summer temperatures reaching over 100 степени. Accessible by plane or car, visitors can hike or take ATV tours to discover this hidden desert.

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Најбоље боце за воду & Флашице за пешачење по пустињи

Квалитетна флаша за воду или пљоска је обавезна када пешачите по пустињи. Подразумева се да је ношење пуно воде са собом неопходно (ако не и НАЈНУШТНИЈИ) део сваког путовања у пустињу и дехидрација би требало да буде ваша брига број један када трошите веће количине…

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Construction Begins on World’s Largest Renewable Energy Project in Inner Mongolia

Construction has begun on the world's largest desert renewable energy project in Inner Mongolia, Кина. The project, being developed by China Three Gorges Corporation and Inner Mongolia Energy Group, has an estimated cost of $11bn. The project will include wind, solar, and energy storage and is expected to become the largest renewable energy project of its kind currently underway globally. The current construction phase includes 1GW of solar capacity equipped with energy storage.

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Carberry Desert and Spirit Sands: A Guide to Manitoba’s Unique Sand Dunes

The Carberry Sandhills, also known as Spirit Sands, Carberry Desert, or Manitoba Desert, is a unique landscape located in the southwestern part of Manitoba, Канада. It is one of the very few areas of sand dunes in the country. Despite its name, the Manitoba Desert is not a true desert,…

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