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There is a little-known side effect of spending time under the hot desert sun: it can sunburn your eyes. Yes, quite literally.

People who live in the desert often experience this phenomenon known as “photokeratitis”, which is a gradual and long-term damage of the cornea of your eyes.

This type of eye sunburn is caused by the dangerous UV rays being reflected on the arid terrain where there is little ot no vegetation or opportunities for shade from the sun.

If you are planning to go on a desert hike, desert deployment, desert running or if you live in an area with desert conditions, it is essential that you pick a pair of quality sunglasses and keep them on as much as possible for eye protection during the day.

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Eye Protection for Desert Sun
Always wear sunglasses in the desert sun.

Sunglasses are rated based on the amount of protection they offer against UV (ultraviolet) rays from the sun.

In the desert, you must pick sunglasses with the maximum rating of UV400, which block 99-100% of UV rays.

This choise will minimize the chances of experiencing photokeratitis, sand blidness (the desert equivalent of “snow blidness”) or other forms of eye damage when you spend prolonged amount of times in the desert.

Desert Sunglasses

Desert sunglasses are sunglasses designed specifically for use in desert environments, where the sunlight gets reflected all around because of the lack of vegetation, and UV rays are stronger.

These sunglasses typically have a number of features that make them well-suited for use in the desert, such as:

  • Polarized lenses: Polarized lenses reduce glare and improve visibility in bright, sunny conditions. This can be especially helpful in the desert, where the sun can be very intense.
  • UV protection: Desert sunglasses should have lenses that block 100% of UVA and UVB rays to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun.
  • Wraparound frames: Wraparound frames can help to block out sunlight from the sides and top of the sunglasses, which can be helpful in the desert where the sun is often at a lower angle.
  • Durable construction: Desert sunglasses should be made from durable materials that can withstand the harsh conditions of the desert, such as extreme heat and wind.
Cactus with desert sunglasses
Desert cacti wear sunglasses, too.


SUNGAIT Ultra Lightweight Rectangular Polarized Sunglasses UV400 Protection

SUNGAIT Polarized Sunglasses

Handmade Wood Sunglasses with UV400 Polarized Lenses & Spring Temples

Hammockable Handmade Wood Sunglasses

BNUS Sunglasses for Men & Women, Polarized glass lens, Color Mirrored Scratch Proof

BNUS Sunglasses

ACBLUCE Kids Polarized Sports Sunglasses TPEE Flexible Frame with Adjustable Strap for Boys Girls Age 5-13

ACBLUCE Kids Polarized Sunglasses
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SUNGAIT Rectangular Polarized Sunglasses

  • Metal frame
  • Composite lens
  • HD Polarized Lens: 100% UV400 protection lens blocks 100% Harmful UVA, UVB & UVC Rays. coating
  • Lens width: 62 millimeters
  • Bridge: 16 millimeters
  • Polarized sunglasses – 100% Protection Against Harmful UVA/UVB & UVC Rays
  • Fashion Metal Frame – Lightweight and Strong rectangular polarized sunglasses
  • Lens Height: 42 mm (1.65 inches) | Lens Width: 62 mm (2.42 inches) | Nose Bridge: 16 mm (0.63 inches) | Temple Length: 135 mm (5.31 inches) | Frame Length: 144 mm (5.67 inches)
  • Includes: 1*Cleaning cloth, 1*Sunglasses pouch and 1* Mini Screwdriver
SUNGAIT Ultra Lightweight Rectangular Polarized Sunglasses UV400 Protection

Hammockable Handmade Wood Sunglasses

  • 100% Natural Maple frame
  • Composite lens
  • UV Protection Coating coating
  • Lens width: 54 millimeters
  • ✅HANDMADE WOODEN FRAME SUNGLASSES – Handmade with 100% natural maple wood (stronger and more durable than bamboo sunglasses) – every pair is as unique as you are!
  • ✅ ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY and SUSTAINABLE – Crafted from real maple wood (unused scrap from skateboards) in stylish brown, black and natural finishes. PLUS 2 trees planted for every purchase!
  • ✅ DESIGNER POLARIZED LENSES – Polarized lenses for superhero sharp vision and UV400 rated sun protection. STAINLESS STEEL DOUBLE SPRING LOADED HINGES – Smooth spring loaded temples for an easy, comfortable fit for both men and women.
  • ✅ THEY FLOAT! – Seriously, you’ll never have to watch another pair of shades sink into the lake again. They’re great fishing gifts for men and women.
  • ✅ FREE BAMBOO GIFT BOX & Hammockable MICROFIBER POUCH with Purchase to protect your new woody sunglasses. 
Handmade Wood Sunglasses with UV400 Polarized Lenses & Spring Temples

BNUS Polarized Sunglasses

  • Composite frame
  • Water Resistant Coating coating
  • Lens width: 62 millimeters
  • BEST FOR BRIGHT LIGHT: 100% polarized for protection from glare & UV rays. They absorb 85% of visible light & block most blue light. Stop straining your eyes during sports activities like cycling
  • GLASS LENSES: Corning glass lenses provide better clarity than plastic lenses, are scratch resistant, & the multi-layer reflection nano coating not only reduces glare, it makes them easier to clean
  • Non-varnish nylon frame: The traditional nylon frame is colored by spraying paint/varnish and essential oil on the outer layer to complete the coloring and polishing. BNUS uses plant pigments , which are cured at high temperatures when nylon materials are molded, without any harmful substances, chemical residues, and better oxidation resistance. You don’t even have to worry about pet bites or accidental eating, of course, you may lose a pair of glasses
  • SPRING HINGES:Spring hinges besides standard components of a hinge, our sunglasses spring hinges have a spring directly connected to the hinge, which allows a greater extension of the temple outward, forming a flexible temple – hinge system which provides more comfort and resistance than the classical one. The flexible temples open to the size of the head and withstand much better to bending and hitting
BNUS Sunglasses for Men & Women, Polarized glass lens, Color Mirrored Scratch Proof

ACBLUCE Kids Polarized Sunglasses

  • Tri Acetate Cellulose lens
  • UV Protection Coating coating
  • Lens width: 1.89 inches
  • TPEE FOOD-GRADE FLEXIBLE FRAME► Made by soft flexible skin-friendly TPEE material, our kids polarized sunglasses are completely flexible. Without the fracture problem, your kids will have a safe-wearing and wonderful outdoor experience.
  • POLARIZED LENS & UV400 PROTECTION► TAC polarized kids sunglasses provide 100% UV400 protection, reduce glare and restore true colors. ACBLUCE polarized sunglasses for kids is exactly what you need to protect your child’s eyes.
  • CUTE DESIGN FOR KIDS AGED 5-13► Fashionable and cute round sunglasses frame with a wealth of color options, suitable for all boys and girls face shapes. An adorable gift for your kids to suit their daily fashion needs.
  • ULTRALIGHT SPORTS USE DESIGN► Weight 22.3g/0.78oz only, your kids will hardly feel it on their face even wear it whole day. Rubber anti-slip end tip makes it uneasy to fall off, suitable for kids’ outdoor sports such as soccer, baseball, biking and fishing.
ACBLUCE Kids Polarized Sports Sunglasses TPEE Flexible Frame with Adjustable Strap for Boys Girls Age 5-13

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