Sandboarding in Maspalomas (Gran Canaria)

Sandboarding is a thrilling sport that has found a home in Spain. Kanarieöarna, with their perfect weather and sandy landscapes, have become a hotspot for this exciting activity. While there are several locations in the Canary Islands where you can enjoy sandboarding, Maspalomas stands out as one of…

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Sandboard på Kap Verde

Boa Vista, the easternmost island in the Cape Verde archipelago, is renowned for its impressive sand dunes and deserts. The island offers an adrenaline-pumping sandboarding experience at Morro de Areia’s dunes, best experienced through a guided tour.

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Sandboard i Bolivia

Bolivia är ett av Sydamerikas grönaste länder och tropiska himlar, men det är fortfarande ett bra resmål för sandboarding. Även om det inte har någon riktig öken, Lomas de Arena ("sandkullar") nära Santa Cruz är ett mycket populärt turistmål där denna aktivitet kan…

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Meet Dune’s Unique Creatures: Sandworms and Sandtrout

In the universe of Frank Herbert’s Dune series, the desert planet of Arrakis is home to two unique and fascinating creatures: the Sandworms and the Sandtrouts. These creatures play a significant role in the socio-political landscape of the universe due to their connection with the production of the valuable substance known as ‘the spice’ or ‘melange’.

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