Winter Storm Brings Unexpected Rain in Arizona Desert

More showers are expected in Arizona desert cities due to winter storm, meteorologists warn. Earlier this week, Phoenix residents experienced heavy rain that changed to intermittent light showers by the middle of the day. According to the National Weather Service, Arizona can expect scattered rain and snow across the state…


Best U.S. Desert Cities and Towns To Live In

Some people are drawn to the idea of living in the desert, for a variety of reasons. The stunning landscape, sunny climate, abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities, and more isolated, peaceful lifestyle can all be appealing to people who want to experience a different way of life. With four main…


The Sonoran Desert in Phoenix, Arizona

The Phoenix desert is part of the larger Sonoran Desert, which is a large desert region that stretches from southern Arizona into parts of California and Mexico. It encompasses the city of Phoenix as well as Tucson and much of the surrounding area. The Sonoran Desert is one of the…


Sonoran Desert Travel Guide

As you travel across the United States, one of the most scenic places you can visit is the magnificent Sonoran Desert, the largest hot desert in the country, which stretches along California, Arizona and the border with Mexico. The Sonora Desert is an enchanting desert destination to discover breathtaking landscapes,…


Sand Dunes of Arizona

Arizona and the southwest are home to some of North America's most suggestive deserts and sand dunes, most of which are filled with iconic Saguaro cacti and unique wildlife. Sandboarding in Arizona is mostly practiced in the area surrounding Yuma and the Algodones / Imperial Sand Dunes, near the border…


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