Desert X 2023: Art, Culture, and the Environment Collide in the California Desert

Desert X 2023 is a must-see exhibition for anyone interested in the intersection of art, culture, and the environment. It is a chance to explore some of the most pressing issues of our time through the eyes of some of the most talented artists working today. The exhibition is a celebration of creativity and collaboration, and it is a testament to the power of art to inspire change.


Palm Desert Tourist Attractions and Things to Do

Palm Desert is a hidden gem in the Coachella Valley, offering warm weather, natural beauty, and a variety of things to do and see. The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, El Paseo Shopping District, and the McCallum Theatre are among the top tourist attractions in the area. Visitors can also enjoy hot air balloon rides, hiking in Joshua Tree National Park, and shopping at the Cabazon Outlets.

Piñon Pines (left) and Juniper Trees (right)
Piñon Pines (left) and Juniper Trees (right) are struggling to survive due to climate change.

Climate Change Threatens Iconic Desert Trees in the Southwest

Climate change is threatening the survival of piñon pines and juniper trees in the Southwest's deserts, according to a study by the University of California Riverside. As temperatures rise and moisture falls, the iconic trees have migrated to higher elevations, leaving former forests open for weed species to colonize. This transformation has significant implications for the ecosystem's ability to capture and retain carbon.


A Hiker’s Guide to Death Valley: What to Pack, Wear, and Travel Tips

If you're planning a trip to Death Valley National Park, it's crucial to come equipped with the right essentials. This holds especially true whether you're hiking or camping, as the park's challenging environment can be quite unforgiving. In the interest of ensuring a safe and enjoyable visit, we've compiled a list of Death Valley National Park essentials that you won't want to forget.


Best Places to See Desert Wildflowers in California: A Guide for Nature Lovers

California is known for its stunning natural beauty, and one of the most breathtaking sights is the annual wildflower bloom. From the Mojave Desert to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, there are numerous parks and wilderness areas where visitors can witness this spectacular display of nature. Depending on the park, visitors may see colorful California poppies, sand verbena, desert sunflowers, evening primrose, popcorn flowers, or desert lilies.

Orange and yellow wildflowers in full bloom at Walker Canyon, California.
The stunning wildflowers of Walker Canyon during the desert bloom of 2011. Thousands of visitors came to witness the rare and beautiful event.

Leave the Poppies Alone: California City Cracks Down on Tourists Amid Potential ‘Super Bloom’

Los Angeles, CA — Lake Elsinore, a small city located in Riverside County, is taking measures to prevent a repeat of the chaos that occurred four years ago when heavy winter rains led to a “super bloom” of wild poppies, attracting tens of thousands of visitors to the area. This…


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