Are there ticks in the desert?

Ticks are a common concern for many outdoor enthusiasts, and the desert is no exception. While many people may assume that the dry, arid conditions of the desert would be inhospitable to ticks, the reality is that there are several species of ticks that can be found in deserts throughout…


Best Jacket for Desert Hiking

The desert is a unique and often harsh environment that requires specialized gear in order to ensure the safety and comfort of those who venture into it. One essential piece of equipment for any desert excursion is a high-quality desert jacket that you can carry with you in the early…


Best Skin Care For Desert Climates

Dry, hot and desert-like climates can be extremely harsh on the skin, and it is important to use desert skin care products that are formulated to address the unique needs and challenges of such an extreme environment. When you are in the desert, the major concern is keeping your skin…


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