These Mushrooms Grow on Sand Dunes

Believe it or not, there are a variety of fungi that grow in the desert. Mycelia has adapted to survive in the harshest desert environments, lying dormant under the sand for months or even years waiting for the perfect moment for its mushrooms to emerge from underground after a rare…


Desert House Plants: Info & List (with Pictures)

When one thinks of typical desert house plants, cacti and succulents immediately come to mind. In reality, there are multiple varieties of drought-resistant plants that can survive the large temperature changes, lack of water, and extreme weather conditions typical of desert areas. There are a number of fruits and vegetables…


Desert Flowers & Blooming Desert Plants

Deserts are by definition inhospitable environments with little to no vegetation, but there are actually quite a few species of plants that adapted to live in these arid conditions, and there are several types of wildflowers that grow in the desert. The adaptations of these desert plants make it so…


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