Desert Marathons List & Calendar

Desert races and marathons represent the ultimate challenge for runners facing hostile environments and extreme environmental conditions. The most famoust desert race is undoubtedly the Marathon des Sables in the Sahara desert in Morocco, but today it is possible to take part in a desert run in several countries around…


Atacama Crossing – The Atacama Desert Race

The Atacama Crossing (Chile), is a 7 day, 250 km / 155 mile self-supported footrace located in the Atacama Desert, the driest desert in the world located in north of Chile. Starting at 3,300 meters / 10,500 feet above sea level, the course takes competitors through canyons and valleys (including…


Desert Runs Worldwide

The Marathons des Sables in the Sahara Desert has reached legendary status for being regarded as the toughest foot race on Earth, but there are many desert runs and events held all over the world every year. From America to Australia, below you can find a list of challenging marathons…

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