Deserts of the World: Types, List and Other Info

The word desert is commonly used to define those geographical areas consisting of vast expanses of sand and characterized by very high temperatures and low rainfall. However, there are very different types of deserts, some of which can even be cold. As a general rule, a natural environment can be…


5 Luxury Items That Will Transform Your Deserted Island Escape

Imagine yourself marooned on a pristine island with nothing but the sound of gentle waves and the caress of the soft sea breeze. While the idea of being stranded might evoke survival scenarios, it doesn't mean you have to compromise on the finer things in life. Here are 5 luxurious items that will transform your castaway experience into an extraordinary retreat you won't soon forget.


The 10 Most Desert States in the US

Nevada is the most desert state in the US, with over 75% of its land area covered in desert. This makes Nevada home to some of the most iconic desert landscapes in the country, including Death Valley National Park and Great Basin National Park. Other states with a lot of desert land include Arizona, California, Utah, and New Mexico.


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