Why hot deserts get cold at night

Deserts are known for their extreme temperature fluctuations, with hot days and cold nights. The cooling of deserts at night can be explained by several factors, including the lack of moisture in the air and the presence of certain topographical and atmospheric conditions. But why do deserts get cold at…


Desert Domes: The Sustainable Solution for Life in the Desert

Desert domes are a unique and innovative type of architectural structure that is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the desert environment. These structures are gaining popularity for their energy efficiency, durability, and sustainability, and they are being used in a variety of settings around the world, from luxury…


Construction Begins on World’s Largest Renewable Energy Project in Inner Mongolia

Construction has begun on the world's largest desert renewable energy project in Inner Mongolia, China. The project, being developed by China Three Gorges Corporation and Inner Mongolia Energy Group, has an estimated cost of $11bn. The project will include wind, solar, and energy storage and is expected to become the largest renewable energy project of its kind currently underway globally. The current construction phase includes 1GW of solar capacity equipped with energy storage.


Desert Trees: What Trees Grow in the Desert?

Deserts are highly inhospitable environments were vegetation struggles to grow, but desert trees have adapted to survive and thrive in arid and semi-arid regions with little water and high temperatures. These trees have undergone a number of adaptations that allow them to survive in these harsh conditions, such as deep…


Best U.S. Desert Cities and Towns To Live In

Some people are drawn to the idea of living in the desert, for a variety of reasons. The stunning landscape, sunny climate, abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities, and more isolated, peaceful lifestyle can all be appealing to people who want to experience a different way of life. With four main…


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