Sand Dunes 101: What are they and how are they formed

What are sand dunes, and how do they get established? A dune is a hill of sand that forms where the combination of winds and/or the contribution of sediment by water currents allow the accumulation of sand: the wind lifts the accumulated sand from the sea and carries it inland,…


Deserts of the World: Types, List and Other Info

Are usually considered deserts those geographical areas consisting of vast expanses of sand and characterized by very high temperatures and low rainfall. However, the term desert is also used to indicate areas that have different characteristics than these, as deserts are more generally characterized by the following features: very little…

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Sand duning and off-roading in the desert
Sand Duning in Arizona. Photo courtesy of Kvnga.

Sand duning and off-roading in the desert

Off-roading (driving vehicles over natural terrains and landscapes rather than artificial pavements, that is, driving “off road”) is one of the most exciting activities you can do on a desert adventure, where it takes the name of sand duning. It’s hard to explain the thrill of riding a car through…


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