ATV goggles for riding in the desert
ATV riding goggles for desert and sand dunes

Best Sand Goggles for Desert Riding & Dusty Conditions

You can find high-quality goggles designed specifically for desert riding that will protect your eyes from the harsh conditions of the desert environment, including sunlight, wind, and dust. The best goggles for desert have dark-colored lenses that are dustproof and have UV400 protection to safeguard against dangerous UV rays and extreme weather conditions.

Desert Motorcycle Riding
Desert Motocross Race

Desert Motorcycle Racing – The Ultimate Guide

Desert motorcycle racing is a form of high-speed dirt bike racing that takes place in the desert. It is also known as desert motocross or off-road motorcycle racing for it is a variant of off-road desert racing on 2-wheel vehicles such as dirt bikes. The sport involves riding motorcycles over rough,…


Sandsports: fun recreational activities for desert and beach

sandy regions and deserts across the world. Whether on a hot summer day at the beach or travelling in the Sahara, from extreme boardsports like sand dune surfing and dune bashing to the more exotic camel riding or simply playing a fun game of beach volleyball, there's plenty of fun to be had at the dunes.


Best Desert Racing Tires for Dirt Bike

Taking your bike off-roading in the harshest of environmental conditions can take a toll on your wheels. Desert biking calls for a pair of hardy, durable tyres that can withstand some rough action while keeping consistent traction. Tires are possibly the most important asset of your desert dirt bike, they…


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