Beyond the World Cup: Desert Activities in Qatar

In November 2022, Qatar has become the controversial host of the FIFA World Cup, attracting soccer fans from all over the world, while trying to establish itself as a tourist-friendly travel destinations for everyone. While football itself is not something you should be looking to practice under the Arabian heat,…


Dune Buggies: Everything you Need to Know

A dune buggy is a type of all-terrain vehicle especially suited for riding on sand dunes. Dune buggies have essential bodywork and very wide wheels, and are lightweight enough to be driven on soft sand. Dune buggies look similar to other off-road vehicles, but with no fixed roof or conventional…


ATV Dune Riding & Desert Off-roading

Traveling in the desert has its unquestionable appeal, crossing expanses of sand and dunes driving your 4x4 vehicle gives a priceless thrill and thrilling bumpy ride. But once you're immersed in these seas of dunes, it is not easy to get out, especially if you stay silted up to the…

ATV goggles for riding in the desert
ATV riding goggles for desert and sand dunes

Best Goggles for Desert Riding & Dusty Conditions

Planning to take your desert dirt bike out to the dunes? Going on a off-roading trip to the desert? Make sure you wear proper eye protection against sandstorms and dust. The best goggles for desert are dust proof and have UV400 dark colored lenses, protecting you from both dangerous UV…

Qatar - Doha Sandboarding
View of West Bay Skyline from Safliya Island near Doha, Qatar. Photo courtesy of Alex Sergeev.

Experience Qatar Sandboarding at a Bargain Rate Until September

QTNC Press Release For Immediate Distribution 7 April 2021 View of West Bay Skyline from Safliya Island near Doha, Qatar. Photo courtesy of Alex Sergeev. Snowboarders set to swap snowy slopes for sand dunes of Qatar Qatar National Tourism Council (QNTC), in partnership with Q Explorer Tourism, is offering a…

Sand duning in the desert
Sand Duning in Arizona. Photo courtesy of Kvnga.

Dune Riding: Sand duning and off-roading in the desert

Off-roading (driving vehicles over natural terrains and landscapes rather than artificial pavements, that is, driving “off road”) is one of the most exciting activities you can do on a desert adventure, where it also takes the name of sand duning. It’s hard to explain the thrill of riding a car…


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