Sandboarding: extreme sport or tourist attraction?

Sandboarding is an activity that takes inspiration from surfing but is practiced on sand dunes. It is a transversal sport that those who know surfing might already practice. To practice it, all you need is a board and a sand hill. Sand surfing can be practiced in various locations around…


5 Reasons You Should Try Sand Boarding

Sand boarding is a relatively recent action sport similar to snowboarding, except practiced on sand dunes. This sport is growing in popularity in different parts of the world, including the US, Peru, Australia and the UAE, and we believe that with the increase of desertification and impacts of global warming…

Sand kitesurfing
Kiteboarding on Claggan Beach, Erris. Photo courtesy of Comhar.

Sand Kiting: Kitesurfing on sand

Sand kiting is a new subniche of landboarding that involves the use of a power kite to surf on sand dunes. Sand kiting stunts include ramp jumping, air flips, and sliding, and can be practiced virtually anywhere there is soft sand and windy weather. Equipment includes a mountain board or kite buggy, a depowerable ram-air foil kite, elbow and knee pads, helmets, and goggles.


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