White & Black Sand Beaches in USA

Looking for the most beautiful white sandy beaches in USA? Every year Stephen Leatherman, also known "Dr. Beach", professor and director of the Coastal Research Laboratory at Florida International University in Miami, ranks the best beaches of the year, all around the US from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast.…


History and Origins of Volcano Boarding

Volcano surfing is surely one of the most interesting extreme boardsports out there. One may think of it as a spin-off of sandboarding - except it is practiced on hardened lava slopes. There are only a few, selected active volcanos where this sport can be practiced, despite this it has…

Green Sand Beach in Hawaii
Green Sand beach in Hawaii. Photo courtesy of Elserbio00

Sandboarding in Hawaii

The surfer's paradise of Hawaii has plenty to offer to beach lovers, including a few locations where you can enjoy sand dune sledding and skimboarding. Despite the fact that the islands were formed by volcanic activity, there are neither any true deserts nor any places suitable for volcano boarding in…


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