Grassboarding a.k.a. Grass Snowboarding

Grassboarding is a sport that consists in sliding down on grass hills and lawns, which some may describe as snowboarding on grass. While it is sometimes confused with mountainboarding, grass boarding uses a concave board with no wheels, making it more similar to sandboarding. Another version of grass boarding is…


Kite landboarding gear and equipment

What do you get when you combine power kiting with mountain boards? Kite landboarding, the challenging sport that uses energy from the wind to make you fly on any kind of terrain. It takes many names and variants according to where it's practiced - think of sand kiting or grassboarding.…

Sand kitesurfing
Kiteboarding on Claggan Beach, Erris. Photo courtesy of Comhar.

Sand Kiting: Kitesurfing on sand

Sand kiting is a new subniche of landboarding that involves the use of a power kite to surf on sand dunes. Sand kiting stunts include ramp jumping, air flips, and sliding, and can be practiced virtually anywhere there is soft sand and windy weather. Equipment includes a mountain board or kite buggy, a depowerable ram-air foil kite, elbow and knee pads, helmets, and goggles.


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