Sand Sledding Season 2023 Begins in Los Angeles

Sand sledding is a fun and free winter activity in Los Angeles. The season starts after Thanksgiving, when the sand berms are completed and ready for use. Here are some of the best beaches where you can slide down the sandy slopes with your sleds and toboggans.

Sand boarding SoCal Pismo Beach / Oceano dunes
Oceano Sand Dunes. Photo courtesy of Kyle Cottrell.

Sand surfing SoCal’s Beach Dunes

California is without doubt one of the best places in America for sand surfing. What makes this state so great for sand sports is that you can practice sandboarding both on desert and beach locations, all year round. There are plenty of opportunities for sandboarding the inland sand dunes of…


Manhattan Beach Sand Dune Park: Workout, Rules and Reservations

Manhattan Beach Sand Dune Park offers a unique workout experience with its 100-foot high sand dune. The steep incline and soft sand provide a challenging climb for fitness enthusiasts. The park also features 208 steps for an alternative workout, and is popular among amateur and professional athletes such as Troy Polamalu and Kobe Bryant. The park is also known for its playground and picnic facilities, and is a must-visit destination in Manhattan Beach.


Sand Sledding in Hermosa Beach

The Hermosa Beach sand berms are a popular spot for dune sledding, particularly for children, due to their relatively gentle slopes which offer a good balance of challenge and safety. The sand berms are located on either side of the Hermosa Pier and provide a good location for sledding and…


Sand Sledding in Venice Beach

Venice Beach is the most popular destination for winter sand sledding in Los Angeles. Beach sledding is a popular activity for people of all ages practiced on artificial sand berms, which are created by bulldozing sand into mounds at the beach for protection during the winter months, and provide a…


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