Meet the Big Red Sand Dune in the Simpson Desert of Australia

Formerly known as "Nappanerica", the Big Red sand dune is the largest and most famous dune in Queensland's Simpson Desert, located 33kms west of Birdsville. The area comprises over 1100 dunes and is a paradise for 4WD off-road drivers, sandboarders, and desert dwellers venturing into the Australian Outback. Sunset view from Big…


What is a Sand Quarry?

A sand quarry is a sand depression that results from digging or mining the ground. Quarries generally are created when hard mineral deposits such as rock, marble, clay, gravel, and sandstones are mined. A quarry is a type of open-pit mine, because it is open to the Earth's surface. They…


Sand Dunes 101: What are they and how are they formed

Sand dunes are among the world's most beautiful and dramatic landforms. Dunes entice people of all ages to climb up and then roll or slide down the gentle sand slopes, photographers can't get enough of their elegant curves, undulating patterns, and shifting shadows. Sand dunes also appear to have their…


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