Sand Dunes 101: What are they and how are they formed

Sand dunes are among the world's most beautiful and dramatic landforms. Dunes entice people of all ages to climb up and then roll or slide down the gentle sand slopes, photographers can't get enough of their elegant curves, undulating patterns, and shifting shadows. Sand dunes also appear to have their…

The Highest Sand Dunes in the World
Duna Federico Kirbus in Argentina, the highest sand dune in the world.

The Highest Sand Dunes in the World

There are plenty of unique, spectacular deserts all over the globe. The biggest dunes on the planet are found in South America, specifically in Argentina and Peru. Unsurprisingly, you'll also find very tall peaks in the deserts of Africa and the Middle East, from Namibia to Iran.


Sandboarding in Arizona

Arizona and the southwest are home to some of North America's most suggestive deserts and sand dunes, most of which are filled with iconic Saguaro cacti and unique wildlife. Sandboarding in Arizona is mostly practiced in the area surrounding Yuma and the Algodones / Imperial Sand Dunes, near the border…

Sand duning and off-roading in the desert
Sand Duning in Arizona. Photo courtesy of Kvnga.

Sand duning and off-roading in the desert

Off-roading (driving vehicles over natural terrains and landscapes rather than artificial pavements, that is, driving “off road”) is one of the most exciting activities you can do on a desert adventure, where it also takes the name of sand duning. It’s hard to explain the thrill of riding a car…


Where to go sandboarding in the US

The popularity of sandboarding and related sports has boomed in recent years and there are now many opportunities to practice sand dune surfing across the United States. As a matter of fact, some of the best sand dunes and sport facilities for dune boarding are located in the USA and…


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