Sandboarding in Cape Verde

Boa Vista, the easternmost island in the Cape Verde archipelago, is renowned for its impressive sand dunes and deserts. The island offers an adrenaline-pumping sandboarding experience at Morro de Areia’s dunes, best experienced through a guided tour.


Can You Go Sandboarding in Florida?

Florida’s climate, characterized by hot, humid summers and mild winters, doesn’t lend itself to the formation of deserts. Even though there are sand dunes in Florida, they are covered in vegetation and thus not suitable for sandboarding. Once upon a time, Destin was home to Wildcat Mountain, a small sand…


Sand Sledding Season 2023 Begins in Los Angeles

Sand sledding is a fun and free winter activity in Los Angeles. The season starts after Thanksgiving, when the sand berms are completed and ready for use. Here are some of the best beaches where you can slide down the sandy slopes with your sleds and toboggans.


Sandsports: fun recreational activities for desert and beach

sandy regions and deserts across the world. Whether on a hot summer day at the beach or travelling in the Sahara, from extreme boardsports like sand dune surfing and dune bashing to the more exotic camel riding or simply playing a fun game of beach volleyball, there's plenty of fun to be had at the dunes.


Risks of sandboarding and sand sledding

As far as extreme boardsports go, sandboarding is quite safe — but it doesn't come without risks. Most boards don't reach quite the same speed sliding on sand dunes as they would on snow, and most people don't get any serious injuries from sandboarding even if they fall during their…


Sandboarding tips for beginners

Sandboarding is a fun, exciting sport that also happens to take place in breathtaking landscapes, from the coastal views of South America to the immense sand seas of the Sahara desert in Africa. While exciting, if you don't plan ahead, you could end up spending more time on your backside…


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