Sand surfing Te Paki Sand Dunes New Zealand
Te Paki Sand Dunes, NZ. Photo courtesy of Bernard Spragg.

Sandboarding in New Zealand

New Zealand is an incredible country that has got just about anything an adventure seeker may wish for, including amazing sand dunes you can surf on. There are plenty of great sandboarding destinations across NZ, especially in the North Island's Northland region, where people enjoy sand sledding down the Giant…

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Ahipara Sand Dunes: New Zealand’s Natural Playground

Journey to the captivating Ahipara Sand Dunes in New Zealand's Far North District for an extraordinary outdoor escapade. Master the art of sandboarding, conquer the untamed terrain through off-road driving, and immerse yourself in the raw beauty of these unspoiled dunes. Get ready to unleash your sense of adventure and create indelible memories in this sandy wonderland.


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