Sandboarding Documentaries

Here you can find a list of video documentaries, television shows and high-definition videos focusing on sandboarding. None of these documentaries are either made nor associated in any way to and we did not receive any incentive to promote them - we just think they are cool and want…


Sandboarding Competitions

Sandboarding and sand-skiing competitions have been a thing for as long as the sport has been popularized back in the 90s. Events have been organized in many parts of the world, prevalently in the US and South America, although the world championship of sandboarding used to be held in Germany,…

Sandboarding Tottori Sand Dunes in Japan
Tottori Sand Dunes. Photo courtesy of Hashi Photo.

Sandboarding in Japan: Tottori Sand Dunes & More

Sandboarding is widely practiced in the Tottori prefecture of Japan. The largest sand dune system in the country, the Tottori Sand Dunes, is where all the sandboarding fun is at. There have also been a few successful attempts at volcano boarding the iconic Mt. Fuji, although no established facility is…

Sandboarding in France - Dune du Pilat (Pyla Dune)
Sandboarding at Dune du Pilat, France. Photo courtesy of Jack Soley.

Sandboarding in France: Dune du Pilat and Côte d’Opale

France is home to the tallest sand dune in Europe - the Dune du Pilat - so it's no surprise it makes one of the best sandboarding destinations in the continent. There are also many other sandboarding spots across the country, specially in the Côte d'Opale, many thanks to user…

Sandboard at Cerro Dragon
Sandboarding at Cerro Dragon, Iquique, Chile. Photo courtesy of Cristian Calcagno

Sandboarding in Chile – Dragon Hill, Death Valley and Dunas de Concón

Chile is yet another sandboarding heaven in South America, with a range of diverse and breathtaking landscapes that are perfect for sliding down on a sandboard. In the northern part of the country, you'll find the Atacama Desert, the driest desert in the world. This surreal, otherworldly region is home…


The Best Sandboarding Locations Worldwide

Finding a great spot for sandboarding does not seem to be the easiest task, given the need for the chosen location to be filled with large sand dunes, steep slopes, and dry environmental conditions without much vegetation. If you know where to look, there are a range of must-see destinations…

Sand Surfing in Israel
Sandboarding in Israel at the Negev Desert. Courtesy of DrorBamidbar.

Sandboarding in Israel

Israel is an emerging destination for sandboarding, with the Negev Desert offering soft sand dunes that are perfect for beginners and experienced sandboarders alike. Sandboarding is a safe and fun activity for all ages, and there are many companies that offer rentals and lessons.


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